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Why is it “normal” for nurses to crush pills all day, every day and hurt themselves? This seems incomprehensible. And, quite frankly, it is. Let us change the world together to a new “normal”; a “normal” where the pill crushing protocol is safe, efficient and quiet; no longer exposing nurses to injury and illness and no longer endangering and disturbing our elderly citizens.

Call it, “The New Normal” – SafeCrush™.

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What is SafeCrush™

SafeCrush™ is the pill crushing solution for nurses, patients and employers:

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SafeCrush ™ vs. manual pill crushing

Efficiency versus inefficiency

Performing a manual pill crushing task is tedious, cumbersome and inefficient. When nurses crush pills manually, they can do nothing but crush pills in that time. Manual pill splitting is labor intensive and outdated, while the SafeCrush ™ system is user friendly and efficient.

Importantly, SafeCrush ™ gives nurses back time! In fact, at least 27 seconds of time is returned to nurses during each division process. In terms of efficiency and cost savings, SafeCrush ™ gives back 27 seconds x 100 = 2700 seconds when nurses crush pills 100 times per day. That's 45 minutes per day!

Why should you choose to use SafeCrush™?


It is not always possible for nurses to crush fine enough with manual pill crushers. The cost to a hospital for just one clogged feeding tube ranges from €1,500 to €20,000!


SafeCrush™ Pill Crusher is the solution. Third party testing indicate no other pill crusher crushes finer and more consistently than SafeCrush™ Pill Crusher.

SafeCrush™ has been the pill crusher of choice for almost 5 years with a USA hospital with 175+ patients on feeding tubes. This hospital crushes close to 20,000 times per month.

The nurses are very happy not to be performing that repetitive motion and I am getting feedback from the patients that they are quite happy with the lack of noise. I would absolutely recommend SafeCrush™

Stanley John – Hospital for Special Care, New Britain, Connecticut, USA

Staff are happy to have something that will take away this amount of pressure they have to go through in terms of crushing. The feedback has been really positive for us.

Dr. Denise Anderson – Hospital for Special Care, New Britain, Connecticut, USA

I feel the nurses have decreased exposure to the pill dust, decreased risk for repetitive strain injury and it’s much quieter on the unit. More efficient delivery of care and decreased injuries to nurses.

Rachael Harwood – Hospital for Special Care, New Britain, Connecticut, USA

With SafeCrush™, everything is uniform, you get a nice powder consistency. It doesn’t clog any of our G tubes or J tubes which most of our population has here.

Richard Dionne LPN – Hospital for Special Care, New Britain, Connecticut, USA

Our facility started using SafeCrush™ 3 years ago and we love the system. It is quiet, efficient and extremely easy to use. While the pills are being crushed, staff can prepare the other items needed for medication administration for the resident. So easy! Excellent customer service.

Cara Thomas – Extendicare Oakview Place, Winnipeg, Canada

From an administration viewpoint, SafeCrush™ keeps staff happy and you are keeping them healthy.

Karen Verville - Retired